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1Which LGE Build Model is right for my operation?

The right LGE build for you depends on a many variables and your specific needs:

  • Passenger Capacity?
  • Application? (Retail? Corporate? Both?)
  • Chassis? (size)
  • Gas or diesel engine preference? (F550s)

2How do I design my bus?

As part of the design and production processes, your LGE Sales Specialist will explain that a lot of the design choices are interchangeable. We offer many options depending on the LGE Build Model that fits your needs.

Some of the choices include:

  • Seating layout
  • Seat materials, colors, stitching, piping and more
  • Color walls
  • Color ceiling
  • Window pillar lights
  • Refreshment station(s) - i.e open back bar seats, bump out bar seats, full stand up bar, half stand up bar

3Do you offer customization?

In short, yes we do. However, we have our production process down to an exact science and are very consistent and efficient within it. That's how we'd prefer to operate but yes, we have done many "custom" projects and can absolutely entertain a custom idea you may have! Contact a sales staff member to start that conversation.

4How long will it take to build my bus?

Almost every LGE build can be in and out of our shop within a timeframe of 2-4 weeks. However the lead time of your build order varies as there are many factors in coming up with a completion date for your build. Some of these varying factors include chassis availability, shell availability and final production slot availability. Please contact us with any questions about starting your build and your specific timeframe needs.

5Does my LGE Coachworks bus come with a warranty?

All new LGE Build Models come with the Standard Manufacturer Warranty from Ford, Mercedes Benz or Freightliner... depending on the chassis.

All new LGE Build Models come with a two year interior coach builder's warranty that covers all LGE manufactured materials and labor.

Electronics are covered by the warranty provided by the individual manufacturer as well as our interior coach builder's warranty.

6Will you deliver my bus to me or do I need to pick it up?

We will absolutely cater to your needs. Our preference would be that you come to our facility so we can shake your hand and thank you for your business face to face. However we understand that this is not always feasible and that delivery of your unit is preferred. Not a problem! It can be delivered or shipped, as needed. Just ask!

7Do you offer financing for my bus purchase?

We have long established relationships with a wide network of the best commercial lenders in the ground transportation industry. Whether you're a new company getting off the ground or have been in operation for decades - we can be very competitive and/or creative to structure your funding to fit your specific scenario.

8Schedule a visit.

Absolutely! We welcome anyone to stop in and get a tour of our facility! Whether you're in the beginning stages and doing some research or you already know what you want and just need to see/touch/feel/drive/ride in a build to make your final decision. We are thrilled when anyone wants to come and see all the new and innovate things we are doing here at LGE Coachworks. All we ask is a heads up!

Call 1.800.209.3985 or Email: